In his last interview with Ilta-Sanomat in November, the sleeping environmental philosopher Pentti Linkola commented on the global statement on the environmental catastrophe threatening the planet, which was a big topic of conversation in November. According to the petition, the population explosion in most developing countries could be tackled by increasing the education of girls.

Pentti Linkola, an environmental philosopher who had already warned about overpopulation in the 1970s, commented to IS at the time that he was pleased that population policy had merged into the international climate debate. The proposal to educate girls living in developing countries, on the other hand, received a complete blow from the man.

- The more educated, the more is consumed. In their clay huts, African girls consume less. When trained, they will start flying around the world and consumption will increase 5-10 times, Linkola roared.

In an interview, Linkola proposed the abolition of development aid and the closure of Europe's borders in order to curb population growth itself.

Professor Kristina Lindström interviewed for the same story was not enthusiastic about Linkola's thoughts.

- No one has another greater right to consume. We can’t tell African girls to stay there in your clay huts, Lindström said.

Linkola sees Europe's indigenous population dwindling in the way it is hoped for today, although child benefits and other birth incentives should be abandoned. According to Linkola, the population forecast that shocked Finland in September about the record low birth rate of Finns was the greatest good news of all time.

The environmental philosopher at the time did not believe that the global position of scientists would spur action at the political level. He recalled that scientists had expressed similar views before.

- For decision makers, it's growth, growth and growth only. I don’t think they’ll listen to anything except forestrymen and industrialists, of course.

Despite the lack of confidence in the state, Linkola did not consider the efforts of environmental activists and researchers to be futile. In particular, the heart of the 86-year-old environmental philosopher was warmed by seventy-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

- I follow closely what is said about him. After all, she's even a great girl in a little crazy way. Let's see how long he can still fight, Linkola says.