Pentti Linkola gave an interview shortly before his death.

Linkola's interview with Kulttuuritoimitus was his last interview. The interview was released on Thursday, April 2th.

In the interview, Linkola was asked about, among other things, his well-being, his attitude towards the coronavirus pandemic and the future prospects of the planet.

- The coronavirus may slow down the destruction of the earth a little, but once it has been discouraged, the same way of life will continue, Linkola said about the effects of the prevailing pandemic.

He said he was pessimistic about the future of the planet.

- Man is the most horrible of the species produced by evolution, although he has created a great culture and civilization.

Linkola said he believes humanity will overcome the coronavirus. When asked about his well-being, he said he was a “troublemaker”.

- I walk with a cane inside the rooms. I can’t even follow these interest stuff anymore. It helps something, but climate change and species extinction are by far larger issues.

The last interview ended with Linkola’s statement about the conversation caused by the virus.

- Now man is accelerating when its economy is threatened, not because of the earth.

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