(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) The Ministry of Commerce of China responds to the export quality problems of medical materials: there are many reasons

China News Agency, Beijing, April 5 (Reporter Li Yanan) In response to previous reports reflecting the quality problems of China's export of medical materials, Jiang Fan, a first-level inspector of the Ministry of Commerce's Foreign Trade Department, responded in Beijing on the 4th that the relevant reports did not objectively reflect For the full picture of the facts, there are many reasons for the problem.

Jiang Fan said at a press conference held on the same day by the Joint Defense and Joint Control Mechanism of the State Council of China that through multi-party investigations, it was found that the relevant reports did not objectively reflect the full picture of the facts. Some media completely blamed the quality of Chinese products, but in fact the reasons are many. of.

She pointed out that, for example, the quality standards of Chinese and foreign products are different, there are differences in usage habits, and even user improper operation can cause some quality doubts. For example, in the previous stage, a batch of non-medical masks for personal protection that China exported to the Netherlands was distributed to local hospitals. The latest news is that on the evening of April 3, the Dutch Minister of Health tweeted that the quality of a new batch of Chinese masks conforms to the official Dutch standards and has been approved for distribution.

Jiang Fan said that the quality and safety of medical supplies are directly related to people's lives and health. In the special period of global epidemic prevention and control, it is necessary to take decisive measures to further strictly control the quality of medical supplies and regulate the export order.

She said that recently, the Ministry of Commerce, together with the General Administration of Customs and the Food and Drug Administration, issued an announcement requiring that five types of products, such as testing reagents for export, must be qualified by the Chinese Food and Drug Administration and meet the quality standards of importing countries and regions.

Jiang Fan also pointed out that it is an international practice for importing countries and regions to control the quality of medical materials that enter the domestic market. While China takes the initiative and strictly controls the quality of exported products, it is hoped that relevant countries and regions will carry out the necessary quality inspections during the import process. At the same time, in use, strictly in accordance with the scope of product application and operating procedures for correct use.

"As for the relevant problems that arise in the procurement, we recommend that the companies of both parties conduct full communication, negotiate and resolve in accordance with the contract and in accordance with the principle of commercialization." Jiang Fan said.

Jiang Fan said, "If there are quality problems in the export of medical materials, we will seriously investigate, find together, investigate and punish together, punish according to law, never tolerate, strictly control the quality of exports, standardize the order of operations, and effectively maintain the image of" Made in China ". Give full play to the important role of medical supplies in supporting global epidemic prevention and control. "

Liu Weijun, director of the Certification and Supervision Department of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration of China, pointed out that since the epidemic occurred, China has paid special attention to investigating and punishing violations of laws and regulations on anti-epidemic product certification, and is now investigating and handling cases of fraudulent use of certification marks and false promotion of certification information.

He said that China's General Administration of Market Supervision has attached great importance to some of the non-standard certification activities currently exported, and special rectification action documents have also been issued recently. Now market supervision departments in various regions are focusing on special rectification, and the main rectification focuses on counterfeiting. Buy and sell certification certificates, engage in certification activities without approval, irregular certification activities, and illegal certification prices.

"Some major illegal cases will be disclosed to the public after we handle them." Liu Weijun said. (Finish)