05 April 2020 Veneto, through the company Zero, has already purchased 24.7 million protective masks, and is delivering 239 thousand to the USL per day. This was said by the president of the region, Luca Zaia, in the usual streaming press point.

"To be precise, there are 13.3 million surgical masks, 7.6 million FFP2 and 3.7 million FFP3 in stock - six months from now", he said. "We have already got out of the nightmare of the masks - added Zaia - Now these garrisons are there and I hope that the Government will give citizens the opportunity to obtain supplies on the market, because the speech of the kidnappings is still valid".

The President of the Veneto Region intervened on the request of the leader of the League Matteo Salvini, about the reopening of the churches on Easter Sunday. Churches, in reality, already open to worship, even in these "lockdown" days, with the only prohibition of celebrating the functions with the presence of the faithful. "I know that many Catholics ask for the reopening of the churches to celebrate Easter. We had proposed with the Patriarch Francesco Moraglia the possibility of the two-meter droplet. Then the Higher Institute of Health said" absolutely no ", because in the literature there are there have been cases of great contagions in religious celebrations. In fact, since then the Patriarch has made mass every Sunday live, "explains Zaia.

A kidney transplant was carried out successfully last night at the Padua Hospital on an 11-year-old girl of Moldovan origin. This was announced by the governor Luca Zaia, in the usual streaming press point. "There is not only the emergence of Coronavirus, our health - he said - also guarantees other important interventions, such as a transplant".