Saturday evening we will find out who will be the all-rounder of the year, Beau tells about his life indoors and we can listen to raps by Danny de Munk and Gregory Sedoc. lists three television tips in collaboration with Superguide .

Game program: The All- Rounder
21.25 - 22.30 on SBS 6

Candidates have fought for weeks, now the denouement follows. On Saturday evening it will become clear who will be the all-rounder of 2020. The ten remaining participants must prove themselves in the final with a game of laser tag, make a bed and park a car as soon as possible.

Talk show: Beau Stays Inside
22.55 - 23.45 on RTL 4

From his living room in Amsterdam, Beau van Erven Dorens talks about everything that concerns us during this period. He also conducts remote interviews with known and unknown Dutch people.

Music program: Hiphop Stars
20.25 - 21.25 on NPO1

In Hiphop Stars, well-known Dutch people rap on a sensitive subject. It is Danny de Munk's turn this week. Together with rapper Cho, he pays tribute to his wife Jenny. Top athlete Gregory Sedoc also shows his musical side and tries to get out of his depression together with Akwasi.

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