A special alarm clock has now been installed at the pharmacy in Ulricehamn and is to be rolled out at all 400 pharmacies in the state pharmacy chain. But already today, Apoteket's communications manager Markus Sjöqvist promises that you can just tap the box at all pharmacies and you will get help with what you need without going in.

- Go to the pharmacy, tap and call in and somebody will come and help you, says Markus Sjöqvist.

Now you also limit the number of people who may be inside the stores at the same time and install plexiglass in the prescriptions boxes to protect both customers and staff. Although the most important message, Apoteket believes, is that all relatives and friends and home service need to make sure that no one over 70 should have to get their medicine inside a pharmacy.

- The pharmacies gather both healthy and sick people, and even though many over 70 have changed their habits, it is still for many elderly people who manage the purchases themselves. There is every opportunity to help them, either by ordering online, or shopping through agents with both their credentials, or by proxy. Now we need to help make sure that our elderly people do not get sick but can safely get their medicines in other ways, says Markus Sjöqvist.