The US District Court and state governments are taking steps to tackle cases of violating strong guidelines to curb the spread of Corona19.

As the federal government is working out a recommendation-level countermeasure, local governments have stepped up to fight Corona 19 on their own.

According to CNN broadcasts, the Jefferson District Court in Kentucky, USA violated the Corona 19 home quarantine guidelines and ordered residents to go out and wear electronic anklets.

The court also imposes an obligation to wear electronic anklets for the other three, such as those who have come out for shopping and violated home quarantine guidelines.

Increasingly, masks are mandatory and criminal penalties are violated.

Larray City, Texas, urged residents to wear a mask and said it would impose a $ 1,000 fine if they didn't cover their nose and mouth in public.

It also warned that if you set the curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. the next day, you will be sentenced to imprisonment if you do not comply.

San Diego County, California, has also decided to impose a $ 1,000 fine or six months imprisonment if a grocery, convenience store, or gas station employee does not wear a mask.

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