A self-made mask does not protect against coronavirus infection, authorities say. On Friday, the Finnish Agency for Safety and Chemicals Tukes, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and the Finnish Center for Safety and Development of Pharmaceuticals Fimea reported.

According to authorities, the mask is not a respirator. At worst, self-made protectors can even be virus-spreading if proper hygiene is not taken care of. Misuse of a self-made mask increases the amount of impurities in front of the airways.

Authorities say that in Finland, too, the variety of self-made face shields and airway tune-ups have increased in the street scene.

The sale and import of official respirators and mouth protection is strictly regulated.

The mask may protect others from droplets spreading from the respiratory tract of the mask wearer. The use of a mask for asymptomatic disease carriers may be useful in vehicles and shops, for example, but there is no scientific evidence to that effect.