Kanri Kawai, “I need a two-week rest because of mental and physical weakness” Submit a medical certificate to the party on April 3, 16:26

Liberal Democratic Party member Kawai Kanri of the Liberal Democratic Party, whose secretary was charged with violating the Public Office Election Law, submitted a medical certificate to party leaders stating that "the body and mind are weak and two weeks of rest are needed."

Last month, the Hiroshima District Public Prosecutor's Office prosecuted Mr. Kanri's secretary and her husband's secretary, Katsuyuki Kawai and former Minister of Justice, for violating the Public Office Election Law.

At a press conference, the Liberal Democratic Party's Secretary-General of the House of Councilors Seko said at a news conference that Mr. Sato had been absent from the Diet since last week. “The medical certificate dated March 31 arrived yesterday. It is necessary to rest. "

In addition, Mr. Seko stated that he said that the mayor of Akiota town in Hiroshima prefecture had received cash of 200,000 yen from Mr. Katsuyuki over the Upper House election last year, "The lawmaker himself has to explain well." .