China News Service, April 3rd. According to US media reports, on the 2nd local time, the US carrier "Roosevelt" Brett Kroser was dismissed because the letter of help he wrote to a senior navy officer was obtained by the media. A new crown virus outbreak occurred on board. The letter asked most of the ship's 5,000 crew members to disembark to curb the spread of the epidemic.

On March 24, local time, the United States Navy confirmed that three sailor new crown virus tests were positive on the USS Roosevelt. This is the first time that the United States Navy has found a confirmed case on a warship on a mission.

Acting U.S. Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modley said on the 2nd: "I have lost confidence in his (Bret Croze) ability to lead the warship, which is continuously resisting the virus to keep the crew healthy and thus Able to continue to meet their national security requirements. "

However, he also pointed out that there was no evidence that the letter was leaked by Crozet himself, but stated that he had sent the letter to 20 to 30 people, providing the opportunity for the letter to be leaked.

Modley believes that the appearance of such letters in the media caused the impression that "the interior of the Navy is already full of panic, and the public will draw conclusions that do not conform to the facts."

Earlier, according to the "San Francisco Chronicle", Crozet wrote a "help letter" to the senior US Navy, requesting that more than 4,000 crew members on board be disembarked and isolated as soon as possible. Tragedy.

US Secretary of Naval Operations Gildi announced on the 1st that the Roosevelt was not incapacitated. Modley previously said that about 100 people on the ship were infected with the new crown virus, and the Navy Department planned to arrange 2,700 people to leave the ship. The US "Wall Street Journal" disclosed that most of the personnel will be placed in Guam hotel rooms for quarantine and quarantine.