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02 April 2020 Step back from EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen who, in an open letter to the Republic, writes that "the country hit hardest, Italy, has also become the greatest source of inspiration for all of us" and that "only solidarity can make us emerge from this crisis - that between people like that between states".

And von del Leyen in fact apologizes to our country, saying that "today Europe is mobilizing alongside Italy" even if "unfortunately it has not always been this way" therefore "it must be recognized that in the first days of the crisis , faced with the need for a common European response, too many have thought only of their own home problems "while" they did not realize that we can only defeat this pandemic together, as a Union ". "It was harmful behavior - admits von der Leyen - and that could have been avoided", especially since "these days the distance between individuals is fundamental for our safety: the distance between European nations, on the contrary, puts everyone in danger".

The president of the EU Commission guarantees that "Europe has changed its pace", so much so that it wants to "help out, allocating new resources to finance the layoffs", so the Union will allocate "up to one hundred billion euros in favor of the countries hit hardest, starting from Italy, to compensate for the reduction in wages of those working on shorter hours. This will be possible thanks to loans guaranteed by all the Member States - thus demonstrating true European solidarity "guarantees von der Leyen, who concludes this is how he spoke in the Italian newspaper: "This crisis is a test for Europe. And we cannot afford to fail. The decisions we make today will be remembered for years. They will shape tomorrow's Europe. I believe that Europe can to emerge stronger from this situation, but we must make the right decisions - here and now. " Because what von der Leyen has in mind is "a Europe founded on solidarity - our greatest hope and our investment in a common future".