Government to establish 100 billion yen investment quota for large and medium-sized companies New Corona April 3 4:37

With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the business environment of companies is rapidly deteriorating, and the government has decided to establish a ¥ 100 billion investment facility through the Development Bank of Japan to support the financial bases of large and medium-sized companies. I hardened.

Due to the decline in demand due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the business environment of large companies, especially in the aviation and automobile industries, is also rapidly deteriorating.

For this reason, the government has strengthened its policy to provide a 100 billion yen quota for large and medium-sized companies, utilizing a mechanism called the “Specific Investment Business” of the Development Bank of Japan.

Including financing from private financial institutions, the amount of investment and financing is expected to be around 400 billion yen, with investment of around several billion yen per company.

The government intends to support the financial base of the company in this way and incorporate it into the emergency economic measures that will be compiled next week.

This “special investment business” was originally intended to provide funds to companies investing in growth areas, and this time it is an unusual measure.

Apart from this, the government's policy is to expand the scale of special loans called “crisis response loans,” which provide funding to government-affiliated financial institutions, and make every possible effort to support corporate financing.