• Fontana: from a month and a half crumbs from Rome, only thanks to us if hospitals have remained open
  • Fontana (Lombardy): "Flat trend". Zaia (Veneto): "In these weeks we are playing the future"


April 02, 2020 "According to some scientists there is a risk that the recovery of the flu virus in October and November there may also be a recovery of the coronavirus. So we must prepare," said the Lombard governor Attilio Fontana on Radio Padania , in reference to a possible second wave of Covid infections in the fall. The hospital beds set up at the Fiera di Milano "I believe it will be necessary not to dismantle them, but to let them remain as a guarantee for what should, hopefully never, happen in the future", said Fontana.

As for the masks and the other principals "we have been and will continue to be the first to report the fact that the national civil protection, which is responsible for managing the emergency and guaranteeing these materials, is largely in default", he says the president of the Lombardy Region. "In addition to this, the bureaucracy of Rome prevents us from using the masks produced in Lombardy already considered compliant by the Milan Polytechnic."

For RSAs, the governor continued, returning to the controversy with the Lombard mayors, "the same considerations apply with the addition that, I want to remind the mayor Sala and the others, they are either private or 'municipal'. We, as far as possible, we intervened and we intervene. I hope that the municipalities have also urged the managers and the government to equip them with what is necessary to secure them. These things the mayors have known for weeks. They pretend to ignore them evidently for political calculation. We cannot lose continuously time and take it away from the priority activity which is the fight against the virus and the protection of citizens' health ".

Zaia: in Veneto the current problem is that of kits for reagents
"In Veneto we carried out 119,493 swabs and stopped, waiting to be tried, at least 10,000", said the president of the Region, Luca Zaia, during the daily press point on the coronavirus emergency, at the headquarters of the Civil Protection of Marghera (Venice). "The current problem is that of reagent kits," he concluded.

"We are preparing for the reopening but with criteria to avoid the Hong Kong effect, where they reopened with too much speed and 'lightness' and had to reopen the quarantine." This was underlined by the President of Veneto Luca Zaia, in the Coronavirus point. "I would like to make sure that the Venetians take a single 'tour', it would be a trauma to reopen and then close again".

"School is not our competence, I can't say when it reopens, but with these positive and dead and hospitalized numbers, thinking of bringing masses of children back to buildings, who will then return home bringing the infection is still risky," said Zaia . "In the meantime until Easter - added Zaia - the game is over".

"We are working on our ordinance. Since last night there is also a Dpcm so we are thinking about an extension, perhaps inserting further elements born from the experience of these days. Our idea is certainly to extend and verify some aspects reported in this period and to be evaluated". So the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia speaking during the usual press point. Among the hypotheses being evaluated there would also be the blocking of the weekly markets, a hypothesis which has not yet been confirmed or denied by the governor himself.

"We have the first negative numbers in hospitalizations and intensive care but it is fundamental now not to let our guard down, it is not over - he concluded - we still have 10,000 infected and this is only the iceberg tip that comes out only because we made the buffer".

"To address the coronavirus emergency, we have reached € 19 million through 24,677 donations." This was stated by the President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, during the daily press point at the headquarters of the Civil Protection of Marghera (Venice). "A heartfelt thanks to everyone, from large to small donors" concluded the President of the Region.

"It is essential that the Italian government continues to intervene more heavily on the 25 billion, but it is also true that Europe cannot think of staying out of this game. If it remains out of a game like this, when should it ever intervene? If it does not intervene today it is useless ", said the president of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, in a press point at the civil protection of Marghera on the coronavirus. "A convinced Europeanist tells you, Europe has to beat it. We are concerned that we would not want to find a European super power, Germany, which with 550 billion will be found ready for the reopening of the markets, will be toned. L "Europe must act as guarantor and support the reopening and recovery for all. If it is to be a renaissance only for Germany, Europe is finished", he added.