(Fighting new crown pneumonia) Dutch media say Chinese masks are unqualified Hua Chunying: companies have been informed of "non-medical" before shipment

China News Service, Beijing, April 2 (Reporter Zhang Su) In response to recent reports from Dutch media that masks purchased from China were unqualified, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a regular press conference on the 2nd: "That batch The masks were purchased by the Dutch agent itself, and the Chinese company has informed the Dutch side that these batches of masks are non-medical masks before delivery. "

A reporter asked that some European countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium reported that masks purchased from China were unqualified and there were quality problems. What is China's comment?

Hua Chunying said that according to preliminary investigations by relevant Chinese authorities, the batches of masks were purchased by Dutch agents themselves, and the Chinese company had informed the Dutch side that the batches of masks were non-medical masks before shipment. "Masks."

She said that in the current global epidemic situation, China is anxious for all countries to overcome its own difficulties. Relevant companies work overtime and work day and night to actively provide various anti-epidemic medical supplies to the international community.

"The Chinese side always attaches great importance to the quality of exported products." Hua Chunying said that the relevant Chinese authorities have just introduced stricter supervision measures, requiring relevant medical material export companies to provide written or electronic declarations when they declare to the customs, promising that the exported products have been made in China. The medical device product registration certificate complies with the quality standards of the importing country (region).

"Masks are divided into different protection standards and grades, as well as daily protection and professional medical treatment. At present, countries urgently need masks and other anti-epidemic materials. We kindly remind users to carefully check the product use and instructions before purchasing and using, And whether it meets the purchaser's standard of use, to avoid mistakes in the middle of an accident, and misuse non-medical masks for medical use. "Hua Chunying said.

Hua Chunying also reminded that before certain media clarify the facts, it is irresponsible to speculate on the so-called quality problems of Chinese products. "I hope they have no ulterior motives, because such hype is obviously not conducive to international anti-epidemic cooperation." (Finish)