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April 02, 2020 "I can't understand how controversy can be made right now when the dead are counting." So replies the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, during the interview with Tg5 to a question on the controversies by the opposition on the health plan. Regarding the masks, the minister reiterates that "from the first moment together with the ambassadors and consulates all over the world we are finding masks and fans to help our doctors and nurses". "To date, 50 million masks have arrived - he added - distribution is not the responsibility of the foreign ministry, but we have requested that the army be distributing and for three days our soldiers have been wearing masks all over Italy".

Today 16 million pieces have arrived
"Today only over 16 million masks from abroad have arrived in Italy. In detail: 10.2 million masks at Malpensa, 3 million at Fiumicino, 3 million in Bologna. In addition to the more than 30 million masks that arrived in the past weeks in our country and which serve to protect women and men in the front row in our hospitals. All the staff of the Foreign Ministry continues to work to find other health devices that once arrived in Italy will be cleared by the staff of the Customs and Monopolies Agency. and delivered to the Civil Protection, which personally takes care of the distribution on the national territory ". So on Facebook the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio.

We will spend what is needed
"We are facing an unprecedented economic crisis. We said that we will spend all the money we need on aid." With regards to Italians abroad, the owner of the Farnesina has made an "appeal for responsibility. There are no Italians with coronavirus symptoms who fly to Italy and risk contagion. They remain abroad and we will help them treat themselves there. ".