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The tribes of the Yemeni governorate of Ma'rib (central) continue the military mobilization operations and support the government army forces that are fighting violent battles with the Houthi militants in the Sarwah district, west of the governorate, and are trying to crawl towards the city and control it.

Government military sources told Al-Jazeera Net that during the past hours, the army and tribesmen managed to achieve military progress, and succeeded in regaining control of a number of sites and approaching the "Sarwah Market", despite the Houthi group's ongoing attacks on the Al-Mujaa and the strategic Hailan mountain areas.

According to the sources, the progress achieved by the government forces and the movement of the tribesmen alongside them will constitute a turning point in the battle path, especially as the Hailan Mountains directly oversee the center of the Sarwah district and the army was able to control the Houthi supply lines.

Dozens of dead and wounded Houthis were killed after being targeted by government army artillery - according to these sources - amid participation by coalition fighters that targeted some Houthi gatherings and their military mechanisms.

In the same direction, violent battles continue between the legitimate government forces and the Houthi forces east of Al-Hazm district, the center of Al-Jawf governorate, near the city of Marib.

The battles during the past hours forced the government army forces to withdraw from a number of locations (Al-Abrash, Al-Khassaf, Al-Ashqaa and Qarn Mansour) to the Halhlan area of ​​Marib Governorate, according to military sources said in a telephone conversation with Al-Jazeera Net.

According to the Al-Masirah channel, which speaks for the Houthis, Saudi-Emirati coalition fighters have also targeted the "Orphan and Muhashima" areas of the Khub and Al-Sha`f district in Al-Jawf Governorate with three airstrikes, without explaining whether there were any victims.