Current political news 丨 Xi Jinping's visit to Hangzhou is consistent

On September 3, 2016, Xi Jinping introduced the city where he has worked and lived for 6 years at the Hangzhou G20 Business Summit-"Hangzhou is a city of innovation and vitality, and e-commerce is booming. With the click of a mouse in Hangzhou, Unicom is the entire world. Hangzhou is also the capital of ecological civilization. The mountains and rivers are beautiful, the weather is sunny, the rain is soaked, and the flavor of Jiangnan is soaked, condensing the ingenuity of generations. "On March 31 this year, the General Secretary came to Hangzhou again. Connect and convey the clear concept that the people's city is the people.

Xixi Wetland: Let residents see the mountains,

See the water, remember to live in homesickness

Xi Jinping's first stop in Hangzhou was Xixi National Wetland Park. The Xixi Wetland contains five themed cultural elements of "Vatican, Hidden, Leisure, Vulgar, and Wild". It is a national 5A-level scenic spot and the first national wetland park in the country.

△ Xixi Wetland integrates urban wetland, agricultural wetland and cultural wetland.

Xi Jinping walked into Xixi Wetland to investigate and investigate the protection and utilization of Xixi Wetland.

Xixi Wetland has five major ecological protection areas and ecological restoration areas, such as Shrimp Dragon Beach and Chaotian Muyang. The land greening rate is above 85%.

△ About 68% of the area in Xixi Wetland is rivers, ponds, lakes, swamps, and other waters. The water reservoir has a capacity of about 5 million cubic meters, which is known as the “Wantang Range Rover”. (Photographed by CCTV reporters Zhong Rui and Li Hui)

The beauty of Xixi is cultural in addition to nature. There are a large number of poems and verses of ancient celebrities in the garden, with a strong humanistic atmosphere. In October 2007, the second phase of Xixi Wetland with the theme of human leisure was opened to the public. It covers folk food shops, handicraft shops, Longjing productions, cultural and creative products and other special cultural shops, making tourists who come to visit ca n’t help but issue “Xixi and stay Down "emotion.

△ The craft of making flower baskets with a history of about 150 years is very popular in Xixi area. (Photographed by CCTV reporter Duan Dewen)

△ West Lake Longjing is famous for its "color green, fragrant, sweet, and beautiful", this is the exhibition area of ​​production skills. (Photographed by CCTV reporter Duan Dewen)

Standing on "the heart of the city" and "rule of China"

"Political News Eye" found that city parks and cultural districts have been the focus of Xi Jinping's many domestic inspections.

In December 2015, Xi Jinping pointed out at the Central Urban Work Conference that to do well in urban work, we must comply with the new situation in urban work, new requirements for reform and development, and new expectations of the people, adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, and adhere to the people's city as the people. . This is the starting point and end point of our city work.

The urban brain: cities think about life better

The second stop of Xi Jinping's inspection in Hangzhou was the urban brain operation command center located in Yunqi Town, Xihu District.

△ The total area of ​​Hangzhou Urban Brain Operation Command Center is over 8,000 square meters. (Photographed by CCTV reporter Yang Lifeng)

The urban brain is a digital interface for urban life. Citizens can use it to touch the pulse of the city, feel the temperature of the city, and enjoy the services of the city. Through it, city managers allocate public resources, make scientific decisions, and improve governance efficiency. Taking Hangzhou as an example, the urban brain includes 11 major systems such as police, transportation, cultural tourism, and health, and 48 application scenarios, with an average daily data of more than 80 million.

△ This is the real-time number of people in the lakeside area of ​​Hangzhou that afternoon. (Photographed by CCTV reporter Wang Mengmeng)

It is worth mentioning that the "health code" launched by Hangzhou on February 11 this year is an important product of the "urban brain". The "health code" implements three-color dynamic management of "green code, red code, and yellow code". The green code passes through the code, and the red and yellow codes need to be isolated and punched in accordance with regulations. When the conditions are met, the code is converted to the green code. The "Health Code" has been promoted and recognized across the country. By mid-March, the "health code" in most parts of the country could achieve "one yard of traffic".

△ The number of visitors to the "Health Code" in Hangzhou on the first day of its launch reached 10 million. (Photographed by CCTV reporter Wang Mengmeng)

At the Urban Brain Operations Command Center, Xi Jinping focused on investigating the use of urban brains in Hangzhou to advance the modernization of urban governance systems and capabilities.

People's city for the people

Xi Jinping has always paid close attention to the construction of digital China and a smart society. When he worked in Fujian in 2000, he made a plan to build digital Fujian. On April 22, 2018, the first Digital China Construction Summit was held in Fuzhou. Xi Jinping said in the congratulatory letter that to accelerate the construction of digital China, it is necessary to adapt to the new historical position of China's development, cultivate new kinetic energy with informatization, promote new development with new kinetic energy, and create new glory with new development.

The World Internet Conference, with Wuzhen in Zhejiang as its permanent site, has been held for six sessions. Xi Jinping personally attended the second conference and delivered a keynote speech. He also gave a video speech for the third conference. The other four sessions also sent congratulations and letters. He said that China's goal is to make the development of the Internet benefit the Chinese people and better benefit the people of all countries.

△ In October 2019, the Sixth World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen. This is the sign of the conference outside the "Light of the Internet" expo.

△ This is a 5G police robot in front of the "Light of the Internet" expo.

"Political News Eye" found that in Xi Jinping's previous domestic inspections, he emphasized the need to improve the scientific, sophisticated and intelligent management of the city.

On April 14, 2018, when Xi Jinping inspected the Hainan Provincial Government Data Center , he said that accelerating the construction of the government's big data platform is an urgent requirement to improve social governance capacity and level.

On November 6, the same year, when Xi Jinping inspected the Pudong New Area Urban Operation Comprehensive Management Center in Shanghai, he said that he must be good at using modern technology to achieve intelligence, and also need to improve the level of refinement through embroidery care, patience and ingenuity. City quality brand.

△ The "urban brain" of Pudong New District operates here. (Data map)

Xi Jinping has emphasized more than once that urban governance is an important part of the modernization of national governance systems and governance capabilities. In this visit to Hangzhou, whether looking at the Xixi Wetland, which represents the "City of Ecological Civilization", or the urban brain showing "City of Innovation and Vitality," the General Secretary is concerned about how to effectively increase the masses of the people through effective urban governance. A sense of gain and happiness.

△ Hangzhou has been named "China's Happiest City" for 13 consecutive years.

The last time the general secretary left Beijing, he visited Wuhan three weeks ago. In this decisive city of epidemic prevention and control, he said something meaningful: "Cities are living organisms, organisms, we must respect cities, treat them kindly, establish a consciousness of" full-cycle management, "and strive to explore the modern governance of megacities. New ways. "

The city is lively with people. The city of China, in the mind of the General Secretary, has a lot of importance.

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