Tiffany Cromwell, partner of Finnish F1 actress Valtteri Bottas, has recently posted Instagram photos of the couple in a snowy environment. Cromwell's Instragram follower speculated that the images could be from Rovaniemi.

Australian Cromwell confirmed yesterday's picture of Lapland:

- A few hours north of there [Rovaniemi] actually. Well done in a scout, a professional cyclist wrote.

The comment has since been deleted.

Tiffany Cromwell has been on ice fishing in Lapland.

Photo: Instagram

The discovery of the location made Instagram users wonder about the couple's supposed travel during the exceptional circumstances brought on by the corona epidemic. Some of the comments are written in Finnish.

- How did you get to Finland now that the borders are closed? wondered an Instagram user.

Bottas confirmed: The couple is in Finland

Ilta-Sanomat asked Bottas how Cromwell had come to Finland. Bottas communicated to Ilta-Sanomat through his attorney and explained the situation that caused the confusion.

Formulakuski confirmed that the couple is in Finland.

- The case has been recognized. They have come to Finland long before the borders are closed in Finland, Bottas' agent Ville Ahtiainen told.

- As soon as the news came that quarantine stories were tightening in Finland, they had retreated to the north. They have been practicing together in the wilderness.

The couple has taken care of safety and social distance.

- They have held quarantine for two weeks in the north. Both have been doing well and have been healthy. It has been more than two weeks since you arrived. They were practically wondering how to proceed from this, said Bottas camp.

On Wednesday evening, Bottas published pictures taken at the Finnish arm in Saana and Halti. According to the pictures, the couple's program in northern Lapland has included cycling, snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

The Bottas agent did not comment on the couple's follow-up plans and did not want to comment directly on how appropriate it would be to spend time in Lapland.

"They have been completely isolated in the desert, far from ski resorts and other people," he said.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SD) has stressed that it is not worth staying in a summer cottage resort now. In smaller communities, healthcare capacity is tailored to the needs of the locals and is not considered to be able to accommodate large numbers of tourists.

Hugging and ice fishing

Bottas and Cromwell's quarantine in the wilderness seems more romantic than in Rocky films, for example.

In a snapshot released on Sunday, pigeons cuddle in the middle of the stumps. Cromwell has written the place label "adventures in self-isolation."

"I don't want to be stuck with anyone right now," Cromwell updates.

For example, Cromwell has termed "memories" and "the great escape" as key words.

In a photo dated Tuesday Tuesday, an Australian cyclist is on the ice. The warm lobe isolates him from the ice. Wearing large fur gloves and a jacket emblazoned with the initials of Bottas and his driver's number 77.

"I hope to have dinner for the evening," Cromwell writes.

Finland's borders were closed on 19 March

Finland introduced border controls a couple of weeks ago. Foreign tourists are currently not admitted. Finns are allowed to cross the country freely, but Marin has urged them to avoid all unnecessary travel.

Lapland ski resorts closed one and a half weeks ago.

The Lapland Border Guard told Ilta-Sanomat the rules for traveling to Finland under the current exceptional circumstances.

- Temporary restrictions on external border traffic entered into force on 19.3. at 0.00. If you have arrived before that and have not left in the middle, you have been able to enter the country quite normally, Deputy Commander Janne Kurvinen said.

- Returning to Finland after 19 March has been justified for Finnish citizens and their family members or for citizens of EU Member States residing in Finland and their family members.

In addition, the right to return travel applies to third-country nationals residing in Finland with a residence permit, the Deputy Commander adds. According to him, the border checks also apply to possible private flights to Lapland airports.

Have Bottas and Cromwell come to Finland before March 19th, Ville Ahtiainen?

- Yes.

According to the deputy commander of the Lapland Border Guard, foreigners are allowed to stay in Finland as long as they have entered the country before the borders are closed and have not left at times.

- There is no official order or invitation that one should leave the country, Kurvinen says.