U.S.-Korea talks on stationing costs: half-time leave for Korean workers agreed; April 23 23:24

As talks between the U.S. and South Korean governments over the costs of the U.S. military stationed in South Korea have struggled, the U.S. military has suspended about half of Koreans working at bases and other places from the day. However, some observers have said that talks are nearing agreement in Korea.

The US and South Korean governments have been in talks over the cost of US troops stationed in South Korea since last September, but the United States Trump administration calling for a significant increase in burden and the Korean side opposing it The talks have been difficult between and no agreement has been reached.

Under these circumstances, the U.S. military has announced that about half of the 9,000 Koreans working at bases and other places have been on leave from the first day.

The U.S. military said, "It's a shameful day for us. The leave doesn't reflect the attitude of Korean workers at all, but because there is no agreement to pay for them."

Meanwhile, a South Korean representative said last month that talks with the U.S. were "final." Tells you that you are waiting.

Among them, the United News demanded that the United States requested that Trump and President Moon Jane talk on the phone last month to discuss cooperation over the new coronavirus, and the United States would demand It seems that the amount of money to be done seems to have been greatly reduced.