Experts at the Central Engineering Research Institute of the Russian state company "Rosteche" managed to develop an UDAF armor-piercing armor.

The company’s press office said in a statement that “the company's experts have managed to develop a 9-mm (UDAF) pistol capable of penetrating the second-class protection layer in the body and combines the specifications of armor-busting and soft sound.”

The statement added that the experts were also able to increase the speed of firing the bullet to 400 meters per second from what it was previously, which was between 200 and 300 meters per second to be able to penetrate the shields, and they succeeded in increasing the mass of the bullet at the front end to consist of two flat sides And create a special shot with a spiral core to assist in the rapid penetration process. "

The pistol is 210 mm long and 36 mm wide and has a silencer of 800 g, and its store can hold 17 to 18 rounds more than 10 shots compared to the Makarov pistol currently armed by Russian army officers and the accurate range of 100 meters. .