Prime Minister Sanna Marin has received extraordinary international attention this week, with her interview with the world-famous fashion magazine Vogue. On Tuesday, Marin's interview was published on British Vogue and on Wednesday in the US version of the magazine.

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An impressive article about Marin in Vogues, USA, is titled "How a Millennium Prime Minister Leads Finland through the Crisis". The article explains, among other things, Marin's path to the Prime Minister of Finland, how she grew up with her mother and how she is now leading Finland amidst the corona crisis.

In an interview with Vogue, Marin tells about her family, her little Emma daughter and her values. Vogue reporter Rachel Donadio met Marin at Summer Beach in late January, just before the corona crisis escalated. In her article, she describes how Mari wore Emma's daughter's waterproof outdoor cover as any mother, and how the Prime Minister's own mother took her grandchildren out for a chat.

In addition to Marin, Donadio also interviewed his partner, Markus Räikkonen, who works in the communications industry. Marin describes Räikkonen as the best possible partner and says that this helps a lot in busy everyday life.

Räikkönen and Marin together at the Castle Party in 2017.

Photo: Jonna Ohrnberg

When the couple got their 2-year-old Emma daughter, they took turns taking care of her. Now that Marin is Prime Minister, Räikkönen has a lot of care for Emma.

According to Räikkönen, he met Marin at the age of 18 at a bar in Tampere. Marin, on the other hand, thinks the couple met at the party. Raikkonen remembers that young Marin was different from her other peers.

- He was always a little more serious than his friend, Räikkönen describes.

In addition, according to Räikkönen, Marin was always very interested in politics.

In her interview with Vogue, Räikkönen says that now that his cohabitant is leading Finland, he will help if necessary by listening to his concerns.

- It's important to be supportive, says Raikkonen.

Marin has quickly become well known both in Finland and worldwide. Räikkönen, on the other hand, has stayed away from the limelight. She has occasionally flashed on Marin's Instagram account and appeared alongside her husband at the Castle party, but Vogue's article states that Räikkonen is not recognized in the streets and he likes it.

Räikkönen also talks about Vogue's interview about her and Marin's possible wedding. According to the article, the couple does not intend to marry in church, but on a civilian basis. However, the wedding day has not yet been decided.

- We have to add the day to the calendar, says Raikkonen.

Räikkönen told the IS last December that he was fairly calm about the sudden emergence of Marin as Antti Rinne's successor and Prime Minister of Finland.

- The whole family is happy for Sanna and we fully support her. I'm very glad of heart, Räikkönen said.

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Räikkönen, who has lived all his life in Tampere, has two big brothers. He grew up with his brothers, mother and father and was born in 1985 just like Marink.

- We were a very ordinary family, Raikkonen told IS in December.

Raikkonen is an avid athlete and played football from a young age. The sport took with him, and eventually Räikkönen played in Ilves all the way to the A-junior. After that he moved to Tampere Pallo-Veikko and played first and second divisions in the men's team there until 2008.

Nowadays, Räikkönen no longer plays, but goes to the jogging and gym.

- Sports, and especially team sports, are great, said Raikkonen last year.