Lamia Raafat

The Foreign Press Association of Hollywood - the organizer of the Golden Globe Awards - has announced radical changes in the eligibility rules for nominating films that have existed since the award was established, as a result of the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid-19).

These changes include the temporary suspension of the old rule that proves that the movie presented to the award will be shown at a cinema in Los Angeles, USA, from March 15 to April 30, 2020, due to the closure of most theaters around the world during this period.

Unlike other awards systems, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association gets its own screenings for eligible films, but due to the current sanitary isolation and social separation policies, the rule stating that all eligible members of the vote must be invited to view in their facility Los Angeles no more than a week after the movie was shown in the city, and the base has turned to the following:

Distributors should contact the association to arrange the official viewing date, as they will provide all members with a link or a DVD copy of the movie so that it can be viewed at home. This alternative procedure applies to films from 15 March to 30 April , With this rule subject to review and extension later.

The admission department has also been expanded to include films that were shown through pay-per-view services, electronic platforms, cable channels and other electronic displays away from the cinema screens.

The text of the resolution states that "the association will consider films that fall under these categories case by case when looking at the list of eligible films this fall, and will continue to evaluate the impact of the Corona virus on cinema, cinema distribution and presentation, and may add to it according to what it deems appropriate in the future."

It is possible to catch up with the Golden Globe, the other award-winning donors, and make special exceptions to this unexpected situation, foremost of which is the Academy of Arts and Sciences in Motion Pictures or Oscars.

The Academy Award already announced last week in a statement that it is preparing for such changes and evaluating all aspects of this uncertain scene and the changes that must be made, and the statement added, "We are committed to being progressive since we are discussing what is better for the future of the film industry, and we will issue more announcements in the coming days." .

This decision is considered revolutionary in view of the previous attack by award committees and festivals on films on electronic platforms or films not intended for cinematic show only, with an attempt to put forward more rules that undermine the possibility of these films being nominated for important prizes such as the Oscars and Golden Globe, or showing them in international festivals such as Cannes Venice and Berlin.

Corona Virus comes to completely change the industry and movie distribution map, and award donors will be forced to adapt to emergency conditions, or you will not find any films that you nominate next year.

The television series industry was also affected by the spread of the epidemic, and the production of many works stopped before the end of their seasons, which led to changes in the dates of presentation and review of the works, but the postponement of the expected Emmy Awards ceremony in September has not yet been announced.