The government has banned crowds of more than 50 people. The major defense exercise Aurora 20 plans for up to 25,000 participants, including 3,000 from other countries. Large parts of the exercise will take place in Skåne and Blekinge.

"It would be extremely strange if such an exercise were to be carried out when the whole world is in crisis," says Carl-Johan Sonesson (M), regional council and the chairman of the regional board in Skåne.

He says that hospitals cannot provide care for soldiers who are injured or fall ill during the exercise.

- All our healthcare resources must be devoted to the covid-19 crisis.

Carl-Johan Sonesson says that if the defense exercise Aurora is carried out, which he doubts, the Scanian health care must set up and receive urgently ill people who are in the county.

- According to the law, we have to take care of them, but when you set football soccer, the Olympics and a lot of different events you also have to cancel this exercise, says Carl-Johan Sonesson.

The defense exercise is scheduled to be carried out between May 11 and June 4.