01 April 2020 "We must give the right value to the courage of those who are fighting at the front line against coronavirus. This is why, during the examination of the 'CuraItalia' decree, we are trying to extend the recognition of 'victims of duty', with the relative benefits, to those who lose their lives or suffer permanent infirmity by working in hospital wards, buses, supermarkets, pharmacies and all the other trenches in which the country continues, despite everything ". The Minister of Public Administration, Fabiana Dadone, speaks via Facebook about the arrival of reformulated amendments.

"The absolute value of worker protection must be balanced with the need to provide essential services", continues Dadone, "we confronted the unions and with another rule we wanted to enlarge the measure of 'solidarity holidays', which allows to those who have more to donate them to those who have less, so as to widen as much as possible the ability to stay at home and contribute to the reduction of the infection ".