▲ A poster recommended by the Malaysian Ministry of Gender Equality at home

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family of Malaysia advised women to wear makeup rather than nagging their husbands at home during the blockade, saying it was a preventive tip for coronavirus infection-19 (corona19).

According to The Star, etc. on the 1st, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family of Malaysia posted several posters of hashtags for 'Preventing Women's Corona19' (# WanitaCegahCOVID19) on social media such as Instagram.

In the first poster, I was told not to be in the house in simple clothes, but to wear makeup and dress.

Another poster drew a picture of the couple washing the laundry and then mixed humor when the husband did something wrong to imitate Doraemon's humorous voice and tell him to avoid nagging.
The third poster advises women to count numbers from 1 to 20 first, even if they are angry.

The final poster advised women to draw a picture of a man sitting on a sofa and then teach him not to blame for not helping the housework.
The netizens who watched the poster responded enthusiastically, saying, 'A poster of misconduct and sexism.'

In particular, I raised my voice asking how the makeup or mimicking the voice of Doraemon is related to 'prevention of Corona 19'.

One female netizen said, "A lot of women are at home in the midst of domestic violence because of Corona19." If you are a woman, you shouldn't be campaigning how women dress and make clothes, but should they come up with measures against domestic violence? " .

When the poster became controversial, the Minister of Gender Equality and Family apologized for "I will remain cautious in the future" and deleted the poster.

In Malaysia, corona19 confirmed a total of 2,766 people on the previous day with a total of 2,766 deaths and 43 deaths.

Malaysia extended the move from April 18 to 31, followed by another two weeks until April 14.

Citizens of Malaysia should not go outside their homes except to buy necessities and visit hospitals, and police and armed soldiers are arresting violators everywhere.

Two Korean men jogging in Kuala Lumpur were also arrested and put on trial.

In Malaysia, there is concern that domestic violence will skyrocket due to the stress of employment instability and the conflict that comes from living 24 hours in the home as the restrictions on mobility increase.

In fact, more than 2,000 calls have been made to the Malaysian government's 'hotline' call to help victims of abuse, after the enforcement of the mobile restrictions, local media reported.

(Photo = Malaysian Women's Family Development Department, Yonhap News)