Argument in economic measures following the spread of infection and cooperation between the government and local governments Upper House Accounts Committee April 1, 23:36


The House of Councilors settlement committee discussed debates over economic measures following the spread of the new coronavirus and how the government and local governments should work together.

In connection with the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Takanori Yokozawa of the National Democratic Party called on, "It is an athlete's conviction to do what is best, but I would like a message from Prime Minister Abe."

Prime Minister Abe, on the other hand, said, "I think the one-year extension will be really difficult, both mentally and physically, but it will be a historically important tournament as a proof that the world and mankind have overcome the coronavirus. I hope you will do your best again next year so that you can have a dream tournament. "

Shinko Takeuchi of the New Komeito Party, over the urgent economic measures, said, "In order to protect the lives of those who are severely affected by their households, they have proposed a cash payment of 100,000 yen per person to those who have lost income. I want you to make payments. "

Prime Minister Abe responded by saying, "I would like to implement drastic cash payments to overcome difficulties and continue our business and maintain our lives. We would like to urgently consider specific measures to ensure that the funds are well received. "

Prime Minister Abe commented on the domestic infection situation, saying, `` In relation to the explosive spread of infection, the occurrence of so-called overshoot, the situation has barely been sustained, and it is possible to spread anytime if you relax even a little. This means that the brink is continuing, and that even if we were able to avoid overshoot, fortunately, it would mean that the brink would last for some time. "

Naoko Ishii of the Japan Restoration Association described the cooperation with the local government as saying, "It is necessary for people with mild illness to secure a place so that they can heal and return home. I want them to create a cooperative system so that they can secure this. "

Prime Minister Abe, on the other hand, said, "It is extremely important to avoid the rapid spread of infection in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The task force has also been set up in each prefecture based on the Special Measures Law. We will work closely together while working closely with the company. "

Ms. Miki Daimon of the Communist Party over a request for self-restraint at an event or the like: "It is overwhelming that the government has to compensate for it because it has responded to the request from the government. "

Prime Minister Abe, on the other hand, said, "Self-restraint is widespread in various fields and the number of cases is large, so it is difficult to compensate each with taxes. We are fully aware of the great difficulties, I would like to consider benefits, including support for people who have difficulty living, so that the business can continue. "

The Secretary-General of the Social Democratic Party, Mr. Yoshida, said about the falsification of the Ministry of Finance and the meeting to see the cherry blossoms, and the extension of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's Office's prosecutor's retirement age. Do you think you spent a lot of effort and time? "

Prime Minister Abe, on the other hand, commented, "There is a considerable amount of work and pressure on the staff of each ministry and agency. I have to answer the same questions because I have the same various questions. But I will continue to answer any questions you may have. "

National Tamaki Representative "Declare Emergency"

At a press conference, the National Democratic Party's Tamaki said in a press conference, `` In the brink of a situation where the explosive increase in the number of infected people cannot be prevented unless self-restraint is requested on legal grounds, a declaration of emergency under the Special Measures Law is issued. But if you make a declaration, you can expect a certain downturn in economic activity, so it is necessary to clearly set out a policy to compensate for the decline in revenue. "

Fukushima, leader of the company "Relief requirements for welfare are also eased"

At a press conference, SDP leader Fukushima commented on economic measures: "Every citizen should pay at least ¥ 100,000 per person. Need to be relaxed. "

He also stated that the Diet should not be closed because the government will lose its oversight function.