Johns Hopkins University has announced that the total number of deaths in the United States with the Coruna virus has risen to 3731, while the number of infected people has exceeded 182,000, and US President Donald Trump said his country would go through two weeks "very, very painful" in the fight against the virus.

At a press conference of the anti-virus working group, Trump called on Americans to adhere to the measures set by the federal authorities for social estrangement, which are slated to extend until the end of April, stressing that they will face two difficult weeks.

He added that a decision had been taken to suspend the distribution of ten thousand respirators in a precautionary measure, due to the large number of injuries. He said that the priority is to direct these devices to the most affected areas.

New York is a new focus
New York State recorded in one day 9,298 new cases of the virus, including 5,686 cases in New York City, bringing the total number of cases in the state to 75,795 thousand, and New York State Governor Andrew Como suggested reaching the peak of the crisis within 14 to thirty days.

In the same context, Acting US Secretary of State Thomas Moodley said that the Pentagon is working to evacuate the aircraft carrier "Theodore Roosevelt", and transport its personnel to Guam Island, after an outbreak of the Corona virus in the carrier.

Moodley said in a television interview that the evacuation of the crew of more than four thousand people is facing problems because there are not enough places to house its personnel in the Pacific island of Guam.

The US official's comments came after a news report revealed a letter that Roosevelt's captain sent to the Pentagon command, appealing to allow his crew to be evacuated and isolated, after about a hundred of its members were infected with the virus.

"We are not at war and our sailors should not die, and if we do not act now, we fail to take care of our most important resource, that is, our sailors," wrote the captain of the carrier in his letter.

For his part, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the death of an employee of the State Department due to the Corona virus, which is the first death of the virus in the ranks of the diplomatic corps.

Pompeo did not reveal the identity of the employee nor the place where he caught the infection, noting that about fifty State Department employees showed that they had contracted the epidemic, and that among the injured were employees of a number of American embassies and consulates around the world.

The epidemic in Europe
Italy recorded 837 new deaths from the Corona virus, but the spread of the epidemic continues to decline, and the daily bulletin of the Civil Protection Agency stated that the death toll in Italy rose to 12428, the highest in the world.

In France, the infection with the Coruna virus recorded a remarkable number of 7578 cases in one day, while 499 deaths were recorded in 24 hours.

Jerome Salomon, director general of health affairs in France, announced that the total number of injuries exceeded 52,000, including more than five thousand serious cases under intensive care.

In Russia, the Al-Jazeera correspondent said that the director of the hospital who accompanied Russian President Vladimir Putin during a visit to the Anti-Corona Hospital was infected with the emerging Corona virus.

The Kremlin spokesman said that President Putin's condition is normal and his work and periodic checks on the Corona virus.

According to the latest official toll, Russia has recorded 2237 confirmed cases of the emerging coronavirus and 17 deaths after counting 500 cases and eight deaths in the past 24 hours, a record so far.

In Belgium, 98 deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours, the death toll rose to 705, and a Belgian Health Ministry spokesman said a 12-year-old girl had died of the virus, and local media reported she was the youngest victim of the disease in Europe.

In Sweden, the authorities recorded 34 new deaths and 407 injuries, bringing the total to 4,035.

As for Britain, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 393 new deaths from the virus, raising the total number of deaths to 1801.

In Spain, 849 people died in the past 24 hours as a result of corona infection, while the number of injuries recorded in one day was 9222.

The total number of injuries in Turkey increased to 214, after 46 deaths were recorded within 24 hours, while the number of injured people reached 13531.

An international call to join hands
Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for coordinated action from all countries under the guidance of the World Health Organization, to respond to the Corona epidemic.

While launching a UN report on the social and economic impact of the epidemic, Guterres said that many countries did not respect WHO guidelines, and warned of the dangers of continuing to follow this approach.

Middle East and Arab countries
In the countries of the region, the Iranian Ministry of Health announced the registration of 141 new deaths due to the Corona virus within 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths to 2,898, while the total number of infections reached 44,600.

In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Health announced the death of two infected and 110 infected with the virus, bringing the total deaths to ten, and injuries to 1563.
The UAE Ministry of Health also announced the registration of a new death in Corona, bringing the total to six deaths, while the total number of injuries reached 646.

For its part, the Qatar Ministry of Health announced the registration of the second death, and 88 new injuries, bringing the total d injuries to 781.

Also, the Sultanate of Oman TV announced through its Twitter account on Tuesday the first death due to the Corona virus, which is for a 72-year-old Omani citizen, and the Sultanate has recorded 192 cases of Corona virus to date.

As for Kuwait, it announced the registration of 23 new cases of the virus, bringing the total number of cases to 289.

In Lebanon, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 17 new injuries, bringing the total to 463, including 12 deaths.

On concerns about Syria, the Security Council expressed concern about the humanitarian situation and the potential impact of the Corona virus, stressing the need to ensure the conditions necessary to address its spread.

For its part, the Egyptian Ministry of Health announced the registration of five new deaths in Corona, bringing the total number to 46, while the total number of injuries reached 710.

Algeria recorded nine deaths, bringing the total to 44, and the injuries to 716, while the Moroccan Ministry of Health announced 15 new cases of corona, bringing the total to 617, and the number of deaths to 36.

In Tunisia, the National Security Council decided to extend the country's comprehensive health embargo period to tackle the Corona virus until April 19, and so far, Tunisia has announced 362 cases and nine deaths of the Corona virus.

In Israel, the authorities announced that the chief of staff of the IDF and the commanders of operations and the home front were placed in stone after contacting an officer with a corona, and the Ministry of Health in Israel recorded 527 new cases of Coronavirus, bringing the total to 5358.

On the other hand, Palestinian circles expressed fears of infection with the Coronavirus, in light of the increase in infections inside Israel, including soldiers, and the Palestinian government has condemned the Israeli practices, and confirmed that it will win the fight against the epidemics of the virus and occupation, as described.

the black Continent
In Africa, the Coronavirus continues to spread in most countries, leaving hundreds of infections and dozens of deaths, and the Malian Ministry of Health has announced that the country's Coronavirus infections have risen to 28.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, corona infections have risen to 98, and deaths to 8, while in Cameroon, the results of the tests have shown that 51 people from Corona, out of 94 who came from abroad, are quarantined, and HIV deaths in the country have increased to six, and infections to 193.

In the context, the authorities in Côte d'Ivoire announced the reduction of services provided in government departments, after the number of injured rose to 168 in the country, six of them recovered.

In Ethiopia, the authorities asked their citizens not to use public transportation for fear of an outbreak of the Corona epidemic, and the authorities subjected public transportation to preventive measures, including reducing their capacity by 60% sometimes, imposing safe distances between passenger seats, and conducting periodic sterilization.