In the United States, people's perception of masks is also changing. As the number of patients and deaths continues to rise, it is now being discussed how all Americans wear masks.

Take a look at the report of Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung, and I'll connect directly to Washington.


There are also warnings that clerks sterilize carts and drop more than 6 feet or 1.8 meters.

There was a long line in front of the mart, entering the shoppers with time difference so that the store would not be crowded.

Many people wear masks.

It was hard to see such a scene in the United States just before the full moon.
[Minah Erhart (Shop): It's so scary that I'm disinfecting everything around me. I also wore a mask. (So ​​you also wear silicone gloves?) Yes.]

[John Oxford (shopper): I'm really careful not to bring the virus home. Many people are seriously considering wearing a mask. I think it is really important to wear a mask.]

Not long ago, wearing a mask in the United States was more likely to be mistaken for a patient or terrorist.

But as Corona 19 explodes, even this bias is slowly changing.

The US government is also discussing ways to recommend wearing a mask.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 25% of all corona19 patients may be asymptomatic, and this is spreading the idea that everyone should wear a mask even if there are no symptoms to prevent transmission.

However, there are concerns about whether it is possible to supply masks to the entire American population, or is there a shortage of masks to go to places that are absolutely necessary, such as hospitals?

President Trump has presented a scarf as an alternative, but for the time being, it is not bad to cover it with a scarf.


Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung said earlier that a person who died in the United States crossed China, but the death toll could increase to 2.2 million people.


This is a prediction from the White House Corona 19 team, which means that if you do not take social distance measures, you can die from 1.5 million to up to 2.2 million.

He predicted that 100,000 to 240,000 deaths could occur even if the social distance was continued.

President Trump says social distance is a life-and-death issue and that the next two weeks will be particularly painful.

[Trump / President of the United States: May all Americans prepare for the painful times to come. We're going to have a very difficult two weeks.]


The lack of medical staff and medical equipment to treat patients is a problem that many countries are facing right now.


Beyond the lack of medical equipment, we are now worried about the collapse of the US healthcare system.

Because they couldn't stand the pain, medical workers are resigning and resigning.

[Imaris (Chicago Nurse Instagram): I quit my nurse today. It doesn't seem to get any better. The United States is not ready for Corona 19 and nurses are not protected.]
When the corona19 patients are overflowing into the hospital, there are some doctors who put tents inside the house and avoid contact with the family after work because of fear of spreading the family.


What about New York State, America's worst victim?


Now, in New York, about one in three people dies of Corona19.

In New York City, the death toll has mobilized 85 refrigerated trucks to temporarily store the body. Revealed.

(Video coverage: Jungsik Oh, Video editing: Yonghwa Jung, Minkyu Jeon)

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