• The video above describes the deserted views of Madrid.

Spain has been the worst country in Europe after Italy, with more than 94,000 cases of coronavirus, with 849 deaths on Tuesday, with 849 dead. The country's health care system has come to the brink as coronary patients fill hospital wards.

A nurse named Irene, who works in the intensive care unit at a hospital in Madrid, describes the everyday life at the forefront of the corona battle with a video released by Reuters. The burned out nurse says the wards are already full of epidemics at this stage.

- Healthcare workers are completely tired physically and mentally because this is horrible. This is hell, he says.

The nurse tells of the heavy corona everyday life in Spain.

Photo: Reuters

The nurse also states that the infection rates reported on television are incorrect.

- Why are they wrong? Because people are not tested. If someone has mild symptoms, he stays at home. This person is not considered infected but he is. This person infects their partner or parents. Maybe a dad who comes here ill is counted as infected, but not others [in the family], he says in the video.

Serious coronavirus patients have been reported to have difficulty in breathing due to pneumonia caused by the virus. According to the nurse, those arriving at the hospital are treated with rest and oxygen.

- No space. We use sofas, gyms, all available facilities. When a person's condition gets worse, we use an oxygen mask and, as the condition worsens, we need a ventilator. There are none.

According to the nurse, hospitals have to choose who to use the available ventilators.

- Should it be an 80-year-old patient or a 50-year-old patient? Choose yourself.

In the video, he thanks everyone who has agreed to stay home to prevent infections. The nurse also encourages people to think about the situation when healthcare professionals next need better resources for their work.