From now on, let's take a look at Corona 19 news. First of all, the number of patients worldwide has now exceeded 88,000. More than 40,000 people have died. Compared to the number one week ago, you can see that both the number of confirmed and the number of deaths has more than doubled. That means that the virus spreads faster. In particular, in the United States, the number of patients now exceeds twice that of China, and the number of deaths also exceeds that of China. And in Europe, 10 countries have more confirmed numbers than we do. Since the story of the worst disaster since World War II, more and more countries in Europe are obliged to wear masks.

First is reporter Jisung Kim.


In front of a hospital in Portugal, a woman waits for someone in a car with a newborn baby.

After a while, she is the younger sister who works as a nurse and a female who appeared in a mask.

I came to show the baby because I couldn't meet for a month or so while taking care of the Corona19 patient.

[Look, it's your aunt.]

I couldn't open the window to get infected, and the sister was only red.

In Italy, with over 100,000 confirmed persons and 12,000 deaths, early hoisting and memorial siren rang throughout the country.

It has even been reported as the worst disaster since World War II.

In northern Italy, it was raised that corona19 had spread long before the authorities knew its seriousness.

Authorities report that the first local patient was reported on February 21, and that the number of pneumonia patients has already increased since January.

[Guido / President of the Italian Association of Bergamo City: Looking back, more patients have had pneumonia than usual since January.]

A Spanish nurse said he could not believe the authorities' announcement.

[Irene / Spanish nurse: This is hell. Why was the official's announcement wrong? This is because the test is not done properly.]

Unlike the World Health Organization, which is skeptical of the effectiveness of non-infectives to wear masks, more and more European countries are obliged to wear them.

Czech and Austria mandated the use of masks in public transport and public spaces, and some cities in Germany are beginning to mandate the use of masks.

Earlier, the World Health Organization said it had no evidence that wearing asymptomatic masks was useful to prevent the spread of the virus.

(Video editing: Seung-Yeol Lee, CG: Ye-Jin Hwang)

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