The Abu Dhabi-based Group G42, the leader in artificial intelligence and cloud computing, and the global leader in Genome Solutions, BGI Group, today announced the launch of a modern laboratory with superior processing capabilities to perform tens of thousands of RT technologies. -PCR / Instantaneous Polymer Interaction Technology / daily, to meet the needs of screening and diagnosis of new Corona virus "COFED-19" in the United Arab Emirates.

The laboratory is the first laboratory of this size in the world to be operated outside China, and it confirms the commitment of the two parties to support the efforts of rational leadership to provide the best services to citizens and residents to combat the new Corona epidemic "Covid-19".

The laboratory is located in the city of Masdar in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and the two groups have built and operated it within 14 days with the aim of providing an immediate solution that meets the escalating needs of "Covid-19" tests in the country. By taking advantage of China's experience in dealing with the epidemic, the laboratory will contribute to enabling the UAE to continue active follow-up and provide the highest examination rates in terms of population in the world according to data issued by the World Health Organization.

In this context, CEO of G42 Group Ping Xiao said: “Thanks to its superior diagnostic capabilities, the laboratory provides the scale and strength needed to enable UAE residents to obtain the most reliable tests of the Polymerase chain reaction, which will also be provided in cooperation between G 42 'and BGI. We take this opportunity to commend the determined efforts of the UAE rational government to protect the health and safety of the population from this epidemic.

"In the midst of these difficult times, we are firmly committed to directing our full expertise, advanced technical resources and our close international partnerships to provide high-speed and accurate tests on the widest possible scale, in support of the efforts of relevant bodies to monitor and respond to this epidemic," he added.

New diagnostic capabilities can help to speed up the response, contain the "Covid-19" epidemic and prevent its spread, by speeding up diagnostic processes, detecting suspected cases, ejaculating identical patients to recover, and examining contacts and groups most at risk of infection.

The laboratory takes advantage of the "instantaneous polymerase chain reaction" diagnostic kits provided by the BGI Group to monitor the SARS-Cove-2 virus that causes Covid-19 disease. These are the only tools of their kind to be certified by the Chinese Food and Drug Administration, European accreditation for laboratory diagnosis, and accredited by the US Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization. The partnership between G42 and BGI goes back to December 2019, when the Abu Dhabi Health Department announced the launch of the genome program to use the genetic genetic data of citizens to improve public health, and today they are contributing to a pivotal role in combating an epidemic. Covid-19 ".

From producing sets of epidemiological diagnostic kits to supplying thermal sensors and medical supplies, the two sides are devoting their vast portfolio of expertise and advanced technology to support global health agencies in developing effective protocols for injury detection and epidemic prevention.

For his part, said the co-founder and Chairman of BGI Wang Jian: "We will work in cooperation with our distinguished partner 'G42' to harness the latest technologies and international experiences in the field of combating global health threats to protect and care for the residents of the United Arab Emirates and the countries of the region ".

The new laboratory intends to assign priority to conducting tests in the United Arab Emirates, but it may expand its scope to receive samples from neighboring regions. Moreover, the two partners plan to activate a pioneering system to monitor virus mutations, and to enhance the ability to detect new pathogens in the future through advanced serial testing.