, March 31. According to the Eurolink quoted by the European Union News Agency, on March 30 local time, the Italian medical and health department notified that, to date, the number of confirmed cases in Italy has increased to 101,739, and the cumulative death cases have reached 11,591. Among them, 8,358 medical workers struggling to fight the epidemic confirmed the infection, and 63 doctors died unfortunately.

On March 23, local time, in the intensive care unit of Cremona Hospital in southeastern Milan, Italy, medical staff are treating severely infected patients with new coronary pneumonia.

According to reports, while the new crown pneumonia epidemic has severely damaged the Italian medical system, it has brought a major blow to the medical team. Last week, another 22 doctors in Italy unfortunately died of illness at work. Since then, 63 doctors have died in Italy to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and most of the doctors who died of the disease are in Lombardy, the worst-affected area.

According to the latest statistics released by the official website of the Italian National Federation of Surgeons and Dentists (FNOMCEO) and the Italian National Institute of Advanced Health on the 30th, as of March 30, a total of 8,358 medical staff in Italy have been diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia virus.

Barbara Mangiacavalli, head of the National Federation of Nursing Industries in Italy, said that of all 4,000 confirmed cases of infection across the country by medical staff, nurses were nurses. She said that although medical personnel are very aware of the great risk of infection in the anti-epidemic work, there are still nearly 9,500 paramedics who have actively joined the anti-epidemic task force and volunteered to work in the worst-affected areas. (Boyuan)