Dr Patrick Serog, nutritionist, guest of Mélanie Gomez and Dr Jimmy Mohamed on Europe 1, is reassuring for all gourmands who need magnesium during confinement. You can snack on chocolate, including several times a day! But in what quantity precisely?

Health, telework, confinement, family, your rights: questions abound in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic. The unprecedented pandemic with which we are confronted obliges us to re-examine each small gesture of the daily newspaper, to evaluate differently each decision which we take. To minimize the risk we have of being contaminated.

Ask all your questions on the #RadioOuverte social networks or by phone at 3921 (€ 0.50 / min. Donated to the Institut Pasteur). And find the answers to your questions in the podcast "My question Coronavirus".

This emergency podcast created by Europe 1 Studio is there to help you with the coronavirus and the prospect of confinement lasting several weeks. It brings together the best experts from Europe 1, starting with Dr Jimmy Mohamed mobilized since the beginning of the crisis on our antenna, Mélanie Gomez, journalist and presenter of the program Sans Rendez-vous from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. every day from the week as well as all the editorial journalists. It consists of a selection of the best concrete answers to the questions you are asking yourself.

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Is the coronavirus sexually transmitted? Do I have to decontaminate all the items I buy at the supermarket? How can we be together anyway to celebrate a funeral? What are the foods to have in your fridge and cupboards? Why is the test not generalized? Should you continue your chemotherapy protocol? Why can teens feel overpowered by coronavirus? These are some of the themes on which we have started to provide you with answers. And we will continue!