“I was born and raised in Los Angeles. CALIFORNIA GIRL, I have a life philosophy for most of the things you can find yoga, beach, or a few avocado, "the Duchess of Meghan, at that time still Meghan Markle wrote The Tig -lifestyleblogissaan years ago.

When Prince Harry and Meghan announced their decision to leave the British court in January, experts were confident the couple would move to the former hometown of Los Angeles. Meghan has an extensive support network in Los Angeles. In addition to her friends, the city is home to her mother, Doria Ragland, who is known to have been a close help to the couple amidst the changes.

To their surprise, the couple settled in Canada with their 10-year-old Archie son in January. They found a $ 13 million, nearly 1,000 square meter mansion on Vancouver Island, described by travel and travel magazine Travel and Leisure as a "palace."

Harry and Meghan leave the British courtyard today. On April 1, they give up their office in Buckinham Palace.

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Silent life was only broken by occasional hiking trips to Vancouver wildlife, which certainly left a lasting impression on the locals. The duchess wanted to calm her life after leaving the courtyard.

On Friday, it turned out that, like the British court, the family's Canadian life is also behind. People reported that Harry and Meghan had finally moved to Los Angeles. According to the magazine, the family lives in a closed residential area but has not ventured out of their new home due to the coronavirus epidemic that has devastated the area.

Immediately after the news of the move, US President Donald Trump said on Twitter that the federal government would not pay the security costs of the Duchess. A spokesman for the couple confirmed shortly after the tweet that the expenses of Harry and Megha would be privately funded.

It looks like the couple's quiet days off the coast of Vancouver Island are over.

- Harry is already fully planning for the future with his family. He doesn't look to the past, People sources tell.

Family ties

Although the Duchess of Sussex was equally smiley as she walked to her last wedding reception on March 9, the encounter with other royalists revealed the family's fragile ties. Harry and Meghan, who were planted behind Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, Duchess Catherine, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla at the Commonwealth Service, barely exchanged greetings with the rest of the family.

Prince Harry has opened his gaps with William in public in a documentary previously made only once on his trip to Africa. Therefore, this time too, it was thought that the true relationship with the royal family would remain at the level of rumors.

It was different. In March, an audio tape was uploaded to YouTube in which Prince Harry made an exceptionally open statement about his private life and situation.

- Sometimes the right decision is not the easiest. However, it was the right decision for our family to protect my son. It was difficult, but now we start a new life, Harry opened.

The royal family is no longer the same.

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Unfortunately, the direct words were the result of a revelation: the prince thought he was talking to climate activist Greta Thunberg, but was actually talking to Russian cheaters. Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov are known for their attraction to celebrities and politicians.

In the interview, Harry admitted, among other things, that his present day life was much better than royal life. However, the new life did not come for free.

- We work for our current community. That's why we are completely separate from my family, he continued.

After all, gestures of reconciliation are still in the air. The Queen recently made an invitation to the Duchess for her summer place in Balmoral, which they say she accepted. Archie, soon to be one year old, returns to his homeland for a long time in the summer to meet his royal relatives.

Now, at ten months old, Archie is the eyes of her parents.

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British media have said the queen was even sad about how rarely she met her granddaughter. Indeed, the common holiday plans under controversy and misunderstanding have been described as a significant step in bridging the gap.

Despite their complicated family ties, Harry and Meghan have seemed happier with each other than ever. Body language expert Judi James said the tenderness shown in Britain was a strong message that the couple's union can, despite the recent turmoil.

According to James, Harry and his wife looked as if the burden had fallen off their shoulders.

And so it certainly was. Harry has previously revealed that they intend to have at most two children with Meghan for climate reasons. You know, even if Archie gets a little sibling in the near future.

Work and money

By leaving the court next Tuesday, Harry and Meghan will lose their royal HRH titles and will no longer be called royal heights. They hold the title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex and continue to patronize their own charities.

However, the couple will have to give up their Sussex Royal brand. Their new organization, which will be announced in April, will not carry the same name, although the couple pointed out in their announcement that the queen cannot ban the use of the word royal abroad.

According to the Telegraph, the couple has been extensively consulting with American experts about the future of their trademark and related activities. Harry and Meghan emphasize on their site that their future organization will not be a traditional charity. In a Russian cheat call, Harry revealed that something completely new was being planned.

- First we and my wife thought about starting an organization. Then we decided that there were already enough good-working organizations, he said.

- There is a hell of a lot of money moving around these organizations and there are many problems. That is why we wanted to think in peace whether a different organization or entity would be a better solution for bringing people together.

Experts have speculated profusely on the value the Duchess couple brand will have after they leave when courtyard money is cut. In the past, Harry and Meghan have received five percent of their income from taxpayers and the remaining 95 percent through Prince Charles from the Duchy of Cornwall.

Harry and Meghan have consulted numerous experts on their organization.

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If the estimates in the financial magazines go a little wrong, the couple will not have to worry about their financial situation at times: Forbes has estimated Prince Harry's net worth to be over € 25 million. Meghan's assets are said to be more than two million euros.

On Thursday, it was confirmed that Meghan has already grabbed her first entertainment job as a narrator for Disney's Elephants. In the wildest of scenarios, a Duke couple could make hundreds of millions a year with social media, books, TV deals, collaboration agreements, and speaker visits. According to expert estimates, the personal brand of the Duchess of Sussex couple could ask for similar or even higher amounts than former US presidential couples.

Harry and Meghan's personal brand is very valuable.

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However, Satu Jaatinen, author of the Royalist Handbook, pointed out to the IS that the brand value of the Duchess's couple is likely to decline over time as they are no longer royal.

Their running costs are also unimaginably high: millions of euros are spent annually on security alone, not to mention advisors and PR practitioners.

The humiliating humiliation of the Russians underscores how Harry and Meghan's new life is full of pitfalls. With just a few contacts, the cheaters who have been in direct contact with the prince are a perfect example of how much the British court is doing to protect its small district.

According to Jatinis, Kohut comes about when the royals take the lead, thinking that they have all the know-how they need.

"They were blind to the amount of work they do," he wondered.

Now Harry and Meghan are with the Arches in a situation where no royal has ever been: the most talked-about couple in the world, totally lucky.

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