The United States threatens to become the new center of the coronavirus pandemic. It is also gradually being forgotten that the Americans will have to elect a new president in just over seven months. And that until recently it looked like Democrat Joe Biden was chasing Republican Donald Trump out of the White House.

But Covid-19 is currently turning almost everything upside down. While Trump dominates the political stage as a self-proclaimed "war president", Biden disappears into insignificance. And once he's mentioned, it's not always to his advantage.

This is not only to blame for the corona virus, but also for Biden itself. In the midst of the pandemic, some of the long-known shortcomings of the almost 78-year-old candidate have become apparent.

Unfortunately, this also includes his agility and lack of concentration, sometimes reaching the limits of senility. Both were seen again last week in a television interview with the TV channel MSNBC, which was actually very close to him, and spread like wildfire on social media. Even the more liberal television presenter Krystal Ball asked, "Is this the man you want to steer your way through this crisis?"

But even aside from that, the possible democratic presidential candidate is in a difficult bind: Nobody is curious about what he can contribute to the corona pandemic. Understandably, the deeply unsettled and frightened US citizens are currently only interested in politicians who really have something to say and can actually move.

Trump's popularity ratings are still rising

This is the front line of the president. Donald Trump can mobilize federal aid and move the army in support. Although he initially failed across the board, he did not take the epidemic seriously and reacted much too late.

But now he, of all people, who once had the press conferences in the White House abolished because he didn't trust the media and thought they were too much of a leftist person, has to step in front of the American press corps at least once a day. Trump increasingly likes to play the role of top crisis manager, commander in chief and herald of the latest Corona news. Especially since its popularity ratings are rising and a majority of the Americans think their president has some grip on the crisis.

Of course, this can change quickly if the American health system collapses under the onslaught of infected patients. And should it turn out that this is a result of Trump's omissions.