There were three situations in Hyvinkää this weekend where online phone shops ended up being robbed or attempted robbery.

Eastern Uusimaa police report that the first of the situations happened on Friday in Torikatu in Hyvinkää and the second on Aittatie on Saturday. The third incident happened on Oraskatu on Sunday.

In all three situations, the victims came to sell on their mobile phones for a pre-arranged appointment and were trafficked.

In the first two situations, robbery remained an attempt, but a Sunday case has been reported under the heading of aggravated robbery.

In the third incident, the suspect himself was also the victim of assault, police said.

The same person, a 15-year-old out-of-town youth, is in all cases suspected of robbery and attempted robbery.

He is currently in police custody.

The East Uusimaa Police are investigating the incidents of aggravated robbery and two attempted robberies.

In a news release, the police recalled the potential dangers of online face-to-face meetings.

"All shops agreed on the Internet should always be arranged in a public place and in the light, and special care and diligence should always be exercised in connection with the sale," the Uusimaa Police remind citizens.