The Central Election Commission said that due to the Corona 19, 41 overseas missions in 25 countries including the US Embassy will be suspended until the 6th of next month.

As a result, the number of offices in which overseas elections were suspended increased to 65 missions in 40 countries.

The period of overseas elections for the April 15 elections is 1-6 days next month, and voters in these areas have been unable to vote due to the suspension of elections.

There are 8,500 overseas electors in these regions, accounting for 46.8% of the 17,591 overseas elections.

In the United States, the elections of 12 missions have been suspended, including the US Embassy, ​​New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Honolulu, Houston Consulate General, Juicy Atlanta Consulate General Branch, and Houston Consulate General Dallas Branch.

The elections for the four missions have also been suspended, including the Canadian Embassy in Canada and the Consulate General of Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

Other key missions included Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Israel and Jordan.