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The military deployment of 'Operation Balmis' is taking another step today. Military personnel will carry out citizen security patrols together with Civil Guard agents. It will be the first time that Army uniforms carry out patrolling tasks in the national territory since this crisis began.

Until now, the military mission has focused primarily on supporting health officials from both the central and regional administrations: the transfer of patients, the transport of material, the disinfection of state facilities and centers considered critical.

But until now, except for three nuclear power plants, the role of the military in the area of ​​security was minimal. Those responsible for the armies had already warned in previous days that if necessary, they would be preparing joint actions with the Civil Guard in citizen security tasks.

Today, the Jemad, Miguel Ángel Villarroya, announced that the troops of the Army of the Earth will constitute patrols in 87 towns in seven provinces.

In addition, military personnel also intervene from today on border control.

The military official explained that today a million rapid tests are arriving from Sangai on the plane that will land this afternoon in Madrid.

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