You as the property owner can become liable to pay to the Land Survey, even if you are not applying for the land to be measured or cut.

- A good example is when the neighbor applies to have the land measured where the boundary goes between two properties, then the other party, who has not applied for the Land Survey, can also be able to pay the cost. The Land Survey believes that both have the benefit, says Mats Nilsson.

The lawyer: Appeal to court

According to him, you cannot prevent an investigation of the Land Survey.

- Of course, you have the right to defend your land, but when it comes to the Lantmäteriet, it should be kept in mind that the more objections you have, the longer their investigation will take and take.

The total cost will then be very high.

- One tip is to directly appeal to the Land and Environmental Court and take your objections there instead. There, you can use an agent and use insurance that most property owners have, says Mats Nilsson.