For some time now, several municipal premises have been closed. This applies to libraries, sports halls, People's House, Teknikhuset, swimming pools, gyms in the municipality's premises, tourist information in Strömsund and Gäddede, Café Saga. The decision is valid until further notice.

It has also been decided that so-called 15-hour children in preschool should be at home.

The municipality's open preschool at the Familjecentralen in Strömsund is closed, as are all recreational activities under municipal auspices.

Has strict restrictions on visits to the elderly, exceptions can be made for visits to people who are at the end of life.


Has not closed any municipal premises such as swimming pools and libraries.

In contrast, the municipal leisure farms have been closed since March 20 and the Family Center in Sveg, Hede, Funäsdalen and Vemdalen was closed on March 17.

The municipality encourages visitors not to go to the elderly if they have cold symptoms.

Years :

Åre's municipal premises are open until further notice.

The family center in Järpen, on the other hand, is closed until further notice.

Restrictions on elderly housing. Visitors should not stay at the accommodation if they experience symptoms of respiratory infection.


Keeps municipal premises, such as libraries and swimming pools, open until further notice.

Recreation centers and open preschools are also still open.

Municipal elementary schools have tested to implement distance education for elementary school students in grades 6 and 7.

The municipality discourages all relatives from all visits to special accommodation and short-term accommodation until further notice. If it is really necessary, the municipality wants you to first contact the unit manager or the nurse at the accommodation.

The municipality points out that many elderly people now run the risk of being isolated. On their website, therefore, a simple manual has been posted on how to get started with video calls, which can contribute to reduced isolation.

Krokom :

Has not closed any municipal facilities. They have closed the bathhouse in the evening, but it has to do with staff shortages.

Open preschools are open, but the family center has had to close when the health center began to lock because they are in the same house.

The leisure farms are open.

They have, just like the municipality of Östersund, introduced tests to close the elementary schools.

The municipality has imposed visitor restrictions on group and senior housing.

Krokom has an ongoing project in which they recruit laid-off hotel staff.

They also look at the possibility of holding preschools open around the clock for children to people with socially important functions.

Mountain :

Libraries and bath houses are open as usual.

The family center is tentatively closed between March 18 and April 8.

The preschools are open but on two of them (Hackås and Lägdan in Myrviken), the municipality wants the 15-hour children to be kept at home to reduce the burden due to the strained staff situation.

The municipality encourages everyone to avoid visits to the elderly, even if they are fully healthy.


The bathhouse in Stugun has closed for the time being, but gymnasiums and libraries are still open.

The Family Center, open preschools and the 15-hour activity are paused for the time being.

The school's dining rooms have been closed for external rental.

Has introduced visitor restrictions on special and short-term accommodation.

Bräcke :

Municipal premises, libraries and bathhouses, are open until further notice.

The family center is closed.

The youth farms are closed but the leisure farms are open.

Work is being done to secure access to childcare for parents with community-critical work if preschools close.

Visitor restrictions on the elderly. Since March 11, the municipality has not granted premises on special accommodation for activities where outsiders can participate.

For some time now, students in the county's upper secondary schools have been teaching homeschooling on the basis of national guidelines. Jämtland High School has decided to extend the semester by one week for the final year students.

However, municipal preschools and compulsory schools remain open in all eight municipalities.

The data was collected at the end of last week. Note that decisions can be changed and changed quickly. Therefore, for the latest information, it may be important to visit the respective municipality's website where updates are made continuously.