Snapchat launched a new set of lenses and tools that aim to enhance positivity among users by enabling them to interact in a fun manner during this period in which they continue their work and study from home, in addition to that, the platform launched a new game based on augmented reality technology and helps users to check the accurate information Addressing misconceptions by differentiating facts and delusions related to the Coronavirus.

This came in an effort to enable users to keep abreast of the latest developments and to raise awareness among them about the Corvand "Covid-19" virus, which the whole world is united to cope with its rapid spread.

Snapchat unveiled a new package of tools and features that allow users to easily share reliable information about the "Covid-19" epidemic, while enabling them to communicate with their friends and co-workers in a fun way, even while in different places.

General Manager of Snap Inc. In the Middle East region, Hussein Freijah: "The launch of this new set of tools aims to enable users to access simplified information on how to maintain their safety during these difficult times using augmented reality technology and other tools. In this difficult period, we are witnessing today what the world is taking One of the accelerating steps to stand together in new ways despite our commitment to social divergence practices. From this standpoint, the Snapchat team around the world is providing new ways to help people communicate in a fun way to preserve their mental and physical health, and we're keen to ensure that users reach To the right information and to having the right tools to spread awareness during this period. "

He added: "For participants in online meetings while working or studying from home or who use web cameras to communicate with family and friends in a unique and fun interactive style, Snap Camera provides an experience through Snapchat lenses such as Time Machine, Stars Crown, Dog and others for video chatting via computers. Operating system Windows and Mac, regardless of the video service they use, the new lenses include a full suit, tie and a variety of clothes and hairstyles, so everyone knows that you are fully prepared to perform your work and study tasks, in addition to a set of wonderful backgrounds that inspire Participants in video calls are outside the home. "

He said: "Snap camera can be synced with any other camera connected to the computer and works with applications such as Google Hang Out, Skype, Twitch, Discord and others."

New tools introduced by Snap include a lens that allows users to show that they are in their homes, and another new tool is the Snappable augmented reality game that allows users and their friends to discover some of the most common misinformation about Corona virus "Covid-19", and learn more about the facts.