The honeymoon took the worst possible turn when Peru shut down the country with 24 hours notice. Rasmus Toresson and his wife tried but couldn't get a flight home before it was too late.

That was two weeks ago. Since then they are stuck at the hotel in Cusco.

- Every time we go out, we are stopped by the military with sharpened weapons. They patrol the streets, he says.

At the same time, his grandfather was infected with the corona virus in Sweden - and later died during the weekend. For Toresson, the situation became even worse at the same time as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offered minimal assistance, according to him.

- We became very angry when we saw the Foreign Minister's statement that Sweden is taking Swedes home. It feels like they're sweeping us under the rug, he says.

He continues:

- The information is so scarce that we have to keep ourselves updated on who is allowed to leave. Those traveling from here travel with litter on other countries' evacuation flights.

Sweden has not sent any aircraft of its own to take Swedes home from Peru. Instead, Swedes in the country have been allowed to go with other countries' evacuation plan. Several Swedes had to go to Austria last week and then to go home from there.

- We are getting the same response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs now that we received two weeks ago. That they work on it and that we have to wait.

As other countries bring their citizens home to a greater extent, there is less and less left in the hotel. When SVT talks to Toresson on Sunday, ten people remain in their hotel. They now worry about what will happen if the hotel is finally forced to close - and they have no accommodation left.

- If they do nothing soon, it may be late, says Rasmus Toresson.