Emmi Pesola, an exchange student at the University of Sherbrooke, Canada, got into trouble through the weekend. Improved handouts from the Finnish government were seen at Helsinki Airport, where a taxi student from the University of Tampere took a taxi ride home to Oulu.

Emergency measures at Finnish airports were tightened last week. Passengers are no longer allowed to use public transport to leave the airport and will be provided with pick-up or quarantine accommodation if necessary.

The 30-year-old Emmi left for Sherbrooke University near Montreal in January to study exchange. At the beginning of March, studies became distance learning when the university campus closed.

"I thought I was in exchange for as long as I was taught to complete the courses, but a week ago it started to feel like it was best to go home," Emmi explains.

In Canada, the coronavirus has shut down bars and restaurants. Late last week, public transport also stopped and Emmi had no bus ride from Sherbrooke to Montreal.

The landlady came to help. He drove his Finnish tenant a couple of hours drive to the field. The British Airways flight was due to depart on Friday evening at 10pm.

The flight was canceled but passengers were not informed. No replacement flight was found after 24 hours. Even the landlady had already returned home, but promised to come and get Emmi to sleep.

Most departures from Montreal were canceled on Saturday.

Photo: Emmi Pesola

Emmi returned to Montreal on Saturday. Lufthansa's flight to Frankfurt departed at the promised time.

- The Montreal field was empty, all people had masks on their faces. Most flights were canceled. There was smooth access to the aircraft, no extra checks and no fever measured, Emmi getting on board.

Some passengers on the Frankfurt plane. Not all passengers got their own row of benches, Emm had a co-star as well. First class was almost empty.

- The machine had hot food and serving. There were no sick passengers, no coughing or coughing, Emmi says.

In Frankfurt, travelers were confronted with an almost empty airport. The staff was nowhere to be seen. Only one restaurant was open and served buffet food.

- There was no one to ask for advice on the connection. The staff had masks and gloves on their faces. I couldn't get directly to the next flight via the Transit Hall.

Frankfurt Airport on Sunday 29.3.

Photo: Emmi Pesola

From Frankfurt, Emmi flew to Helsinki on a Finnar plane. Less than ten passengers were present. The staff served on the machine with face shields and gloves on hand at a safe distance. During the trip, only snack bars were served.

Passengers on the aircraft were given instructions by the authorities on the coronavirus and emergency situation in Finland.

- There was a passport check in Helsinki, which was considered to be Finnish passengers. There were no self-service points at all. After that, there was a THL point with people in protective gear. We had to fill out a note asking if we were healthy or had some symptoms of coronavirus.

After the passport inspection, foreign workers were waiting for SPR employees in the baggage hall.

- They asked if I was dealing with risk groups in Finland.

After the baggage hall, there was a Finavia point, where passengers were asked to pick up the airport and the quarantine site.

There were only a few passengers on the Finnair plane from Frankfurt to Helsinki.

Photo: Emmi Pesola

- If there was no ride, he got a taxi voucher. Had to walk through the entire airport from terminal 2 to terminal 1 for a taxi stand. A taxi was ordered there. We had to wait outside and after a few minutes the car arrived, Emmi says.

The taxi eventually brought a traveler from Helsinki to the door of Oulu. Couldn't stop anywhere. At the border of Uusimaa, the police stopped the taxi and asked the purpose of the trip.

For the next two weeks, Emmi will spend the quarantine in an apartment borrowed from her sister.

- Sometimes in Canada it felt like I had to stay there. Especially since British Airways did not announce any cancellation. But the end is all right and now I have two weeks to be myself, Emmi sighs.