Prince Charles at a meeting for access to water in the world, in London, on March 10, 2020. - REX / SIPA

Prince Charles "is in good health. This is what the services of the heir to the British crown assured on Monday evening. At 71, affected by the new coronavirus, he left quarantine after being placed there for seven days, in accordance with the recommendations of the British government.

"After consulting his doctors, the Prince of Wales is no longer in solitary confinement" and is currently in Scotland with his wife Camilla, who "has been tested but does not have the virus," said Clarence House.

The exfiltrated queen ... but threatened?

Elizabeth II, 93, retired for several weeks at Windsor Castle, about 40 kilometers west of London. She last met her son on March 12, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, also tested positive, on March 11, their last two weekly telephone interviews.

Perhaps more worrying for the queen, however, one of her close valets would also have tested positive for the coronavirus. The valet in question - one of the last royal employees to remain active while the majority of the staff is confined - is in regular contact with the queen, since he takes out his dogs every day, brings him his mail and serves him all his meals , according to The Sun, who published the information.


The UK has officially registered 22,141 positive cases of Covid-19 including 1,408 people who died in hospital, according to figures released Monday by health officials. The British government has asked everyone over the age of 70 to take shelter for 12 weeks.


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