President Trump extends self-restraint for one month until next month 30 March 8:58

President Trump of the United States has announced that it will extend the application of the national action guideline, which includes refraining from unnecessary urgent outings to stop the spread of the new coronavirus, for one month until next month. did.

President Trump issued a 15-day action statement for the public on Monday, calling for people not to attend more than 10 gatherings and to avoid unnecessary emergency outings.

President Trump said at a news conference on Friday that the peak mortality rate from virus infection is likely to come within two weeks, and said, "If no action is taken, , The death toll can reach 2.2 million. "

He further stated that "It is important to follow the action guidelines at this time," stating that the period of application of the action guidelines will be extended for one month until next month, next month, and willing to announce the revised content soon. Was.

President Trump also said, "We are making good progress toward recovery by June 1. Many wonderful things can be achieved." Stressed.

Last week, President Trump indicated his intention to resume economic activity by Easter next month, but critics have been raised as the number of infected people surged.

Extending the application of the Code of Conduct and referring to the June target appear to be aware of these criticisms and will likely continue to be challenging to prevent infection and resume economic activity.