The SVT program This week's crime revealed earlier this year that the Palme investigation will soon end - either by prosecuting the prosecution or the preliminary investigation is closed. In the speculation about what the investigators are now focusing on, one track dominates - the so-called Skandiamannen.

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The author Lars Larsson from Nybro has long been interested in the Skandia man.

Lars Larsson was 18 years old when Prime Minister Olof Palme was assassinated. Since then he has read numerous books on the murder. In connection with the first trial took part in the first preliminary investigation. All to try to understand for yourself what happened and who was guilty.

- I read and read all the testimonies and tried to put everything into context. It was also then, when I read the so-called Skandiaman's stories, that I felt that what he was saying really stuck out.

- He fit into the signal element and was at the crime scene and changed his information several times, when I tested the thesis to put him in the role of perpetrator then all the pieces fell into place, says Lars Larsson.

Roots in Nybro

When he began to write about the Skandia man, he did not know the man's roots in Nybro, but when he found out it became even more interesting to continue the work.

Do you think your book and your information can help solve the murder?

- Yes, I think so. When I started looking at Skandiamannen there was no discussion about his role or the falsehoods he left in the interrogations. When I finished writing the book, there were basically zero hits on Google at Skandiamannen. Everything has changed dramatically as I left the book. I think it was surprising to the Palme investigators at the time.