China, March 30th. According to the United States "World Daily", recently, many Chinese supermarket operators in New York said that due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic caused by logistics blockage and labor shortage, they were forced to choose to suspend business temporarily. Supermarkets that have not yet decided to suspend business also say they are facing dilemmas such as fewer suppliers, employees who dare not go to work and keep resigning. They should first reduce business hours and reduce the flow of people in the store.

On March 28th local time, Ms. Liu, who was lining up for shopping at Flushing New World Supermarket in New York, said that she had seen the news from the circle of friends early in the morning and said that when the announcement that New World Supermarket would be closed on the 30th, she was equipped with masks, raincoats and gloves. Wait, "armed" to the scene to shop, and found a long line at the supermarket door.

Shao Lianwu, chairman of New World Supermarket Group, confirmed that the supermarket will be closed for two weeks, and another notice will be given when it will be reopened. I hope customers will understand the helplessness of the industry before making this decision.

Deng Long, chairman of Chinatown Supermarket Group, said that stores opened in Flushing will be temporarily closed. He explained that the supermarket was affected by the epidemic, and some meat suppliers stopped delivering goods two weeks ago and needed to work overtime and raise wages to allow employees to pull goods from Philadelphia. "In addition, the cashiers of supermarkets keep resigning, which is also causing great pressure." Deng Long said that although supermarkets are classified as necessary industries, most people are afraid to go to work even if they increase their paychecks.

On March 28 local time, the mass supermarket in Elhurst also announced to customers that it will be closed on the 30th. Supermarket personnel said that the temporary closure was to protect the health of employees.

Wu Jianxi, a manager of Sino-US supermarkets, said that since last week, the number of suppliers including meat, vegetables and dry goods in the store has decreased by 60%, the number of products on the shelf has decreased by 70%, and employees have quit their jobs, reducing the total staffing by 70%. All kinds of reasons have forced us to start thinking carefully about whether to continue business next week. "He said that the supermarket will inform customers as soon as possible after making a decision on whether to continue business.

Hu Kevin, a staff member of Jinchengfa Supermarket on Kasina Avenue, said that the recent supply of goods in the store was indeed affected by the outage of suppliers from other states. The prices of some dry goods, water, milk, eggs, etc. have been forced to rise. At most, the price of a box of 3.99 (US) dollars yesterday has risen to 4.99 (US) dollars. "Regarding whether Jinchengfa is considering closing the store, the supermarket also said that it has not yet decided, emphasizing that the supermarket has recently put in-store in order to ensure the safety of personnel. The business hours are shortened from 9 am to 3 pm, reducing the amount of time employees spend in contact with customers a day, and at the same time more control over the number of consumers who enter the store each time.

At present, some Chinese supermarkets in the Flushing area have been suspended. On the 30th, Chinese supermarket chains such as Changfa, New World and Chinatown will also be closed.

However, supermarket operators also said that the Chinese need not panic too much and can go shopping in large supermarket chains. Some large American-style shopping malls, including Costco and Walmart, have their own logistics centers and rations, and supplies have not been affected.