It is about children with unexplained bruises and wounds. Children who are suspected of being subjected to domestic violence and abuse and who are often attracted by school staff or other outside adults.

- We are very concerned about what we are currently experiencing, says Cathrine Monrad Hagen, pediatrician at Oslo University Hospital, to Norwegian NRK.

At the hospital, they usually examine between 10 and 15 children each week who are suspected of being subjected to violence and abuse. But since Norway closed all schools and preschools two weeks ago, only one child has been examined, according to Cathrine Monrad Hagen.

Similar testimonials are given by healthcare professionals at several other hospitals in Norway, reports NRK.

Increased stress level

The level of stress and insecurity in families can increase as parents work from home, become laid off, laid off and worry about the economy. This means Save the Children Sweden, which sees an increased risk of young people being subjected to violence and oppression as an effect of the corona pandemic.

- We see a big risk with this. In general, when there are crises, children living in vulnerability become even more vulnerable, says Helena Thybell, secretary general of Save the Children, to SVT News.

She believes that, above all, there are two groups of children who are affected: children who already live in a violent environment that is at risk of being escalated and children who are living in socio-economic vulnerability.

- There will be an enormous pressure for these children.

Transparency decreases

There is no general decision that elementary schools and preschools should keep closed in Sweden today. But many still keep their children at home from both school and leisure activities.

- We hear from various social services that the reports of concern are diminishing, which means that the adult world is losing track and is not catching up with these children in the same way, says Helena Thybell.

- Transparency disappears in many families and it can be uncomfortable for some children.

Save the Children has, among other things, doubled the number of open hours in its support chat for young people exposed to honor-related violence and oppression.