The office of the Prime Minister of Israel announced, on Monday afternoon, that it was decided to subject the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and his cronies to the quarantine, by not having been diagnosed with his advisor for the Knesset and the Haredi, Rafika Puch, with the new Corona virus.

According to the Israeli media, Netanyahu will remain, as well as his close staff, in quarantine until the end of the epidemiological examination, and according to the results, the Ministry of Health and the personal doctor of the prime minister will determine the date of the end of the quarantine period.

The Prime Minister's Office stated that Netanyahu took the procedures according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, knowing that Baluch was close to Netanyahu, Netanyahu's ministers and advisers in recent days.

It is noteworthy that Netanyahu, his wife Sarah and his son Yair were subjected more than two weeks ago to examine the discovery of the Corona virus, as tests showed that the children of the Netanyahu family were not infected with the virus.

They were subjected to tests as part of the periodic examinations that Netanyahu and his family are subject to, knowing that, as a precautionary measure, the staff close to Netanyahu and the staff working in his home in Jerusalem were also subjected to Corona tests.

Yesterday evening, Sunday, ambulance crews arrived at the Prime Minister's house in occupied Jerusalem, and they took samples for Corona tests from all of Netanyahu's mixers, according to the recommendations of the Security and Emergency Officer in the Prime Minister's Office.

Plush underwent corona examination after her husband was diagnosed with the virus, and was hospitalized in a slight condition, at the end of last week.

Israeli media reported that tension had prevailed over the Prime Minister's office while awaiting the results of the Baluch test, due to its recent presence near Netanyahu and several ministers.

It is noteworthy that the government would have held last night a telephone and video consultation session in order to vote on a decision to impose a comprehensive closure in the country as a preventive measure to prevent the outbreak of corona.

The session was postponed at the request of Netanyahu, as the Prime Minister's Office stated that so far not all work has been done to impose instructions to limit movement and comprehensive closures, while the government announced that it will tighten supervision of partial closure rules according to the Ministry of Health instructions.