The government says three domestic companies that have been tentatively approved by the US Food and Drug Administration can export Corona19 diagnostic kits to the United States.

When asked by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "Is it possible to export to the United States even before it is temporarily approved?" "I was informed," he said. "It is certain that this action will allow us to export directly to the United States."

On the 28th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on the 28th that three diagnostic kit manufacturers obtained pre-approval from the FDA for approval for emergency use, and that they can be sold in the U.S. market. Pointed out.

The official said, "I have confirmed that the procurement process will be started soon."

It is known that the government's judgment is that it is now possible to export with only 'provisional approval' considering that it is an emergency following the spread of corona19.

Three companies that have been temporarily approved are among five companies that have been approved for emergency use in Korea and seven that have been approved for export.

It is known that some of the companies that have not been approved for use in Korea have received the provisional approval of the United States.

The information will be announced to the company as early as the US 'provisional approval' this afternoon.

Officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, in addition to the three companies, "we are hearing that there are other companies that are likely to be approved in the future."